H20 Water Conservation Effort with Scouts!

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The Los Amigos District is working with the city of Fullerton to engage in a city wide water conservation effort. To keep it simple for those of you that have not heard, here it goes in a nutshell:


  • What: Passing out fliers and putting up yard signs in homes in Fullerton. This will educate the public on how to save water during the drought and inform them of new water restrictions.
  • When: June 5th to June 14th   (Period of distribution)
  • Where: In Fullerton in surrounding neighborhoods of your unit.
  • Who: Various Boy Scout Troops in Fullerton working together with the city.
  • Why: Promote the fact that we are in a drought in CA and Fullerton + Scouts are taking measures to do something about it.
  • Incentives: Good PR for the Boy Scouts; Good service opportunity for the Scouts; an activity to keep Scouts active during summer.


This is a wonderful opportunity that has come up for our district and will showcase the solidarity amongst us. Many units are onboard and we are sure that this is something that all units will be willing to engage in. Additional information will be going out as it comes out. Overall, this is the game plan and we look forward to seeing it come to fruition.