Troop 93 Gets It Popping!

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The Orange County Council is heating up with its annual Popcorn Campaign. The campaign is being ran this year again in our District by the wonderful Pauline! Before the official kick off that took place this past Saturday, she popped up at Troop 93’s meeting for a special visit. Since Troop 93 sold the highest amount in popcorn sales last year, she promised the boys that they could duct tape her to a pole. As soon as she showed up, the Troop got right to work on that!

The evening consisted of lots of laughter, lots of tape, and lots of unforgettable memories made. With the popcorn campaign for 2016 underway now question now becomes: Will Troop 93 do it again or will a new unit take the throne? We are going to have to wait and see! If you have yet to sign up for Popcorn, click on the link on the homepage that says Popcorn. The goal is to have at a minimum at least every unit in our District selling. If we want to achieve the goal of giving every Scout the best Scouting program they can have, it starts with a collaborative effort from us all. 

If you have any questions about Popcorn or need help signing up please contact Pauline or District Executive Andre or fill out the form below with your question. Thank you!