Last Day for Show-N-Sell Orders!

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If you have not heard, today is the last day for Popcorn Show-N-Sell orders to be placed! If you have yet to do so for your unit, please register today before 5PM and submit your orders. A good portion of our district has already signed up, but we still have some work to do in this area.

As stated before, we are setting our sights on 100% participation from the entire Los Amigos District. If you have yet to find a person to step up as the Popcorn Kernel for your unit, then today is the day to complete that goal. Why? 

  1. To give your Scouts the opportunity to gain the skills that come from this campaign.
  2. To earn fund for your unit that can alleviate financial pressures and lead to more fun opportunities to be taken.
  3. Create visibility for Scouting and your unit which can have long lasting positive impacts on our community and your unit.
  4. To support the Scouting movement overall so that we can all continue to show how Scouting changes peoples lives for the better.

To register, click the above link and follow the directions.

“The actions we take today effect the outcomes of tomorrow.”