Webelos Woods 2015: Success!

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Webelos Woods Promo 1

The Scouts of the Los Amigos District received a call: A call to duty to gear up and head out for a weekend of camping and camaraderie. The Scouts of the District answered happily to that challenge. This is all in reference to the Webelos Woods fall camping event that took place this past weekend out at Firestone Scout Reservation.


Near 300 Cubs and Boy Scouts packed up their trailers and headed out to the campgrounds over the weekend to take part in the activities ¬†that were set up. The event was coordinated by Luis and Dana Antolin of the Los Amigos District with the theme being “Call 2 Duty”. There were a lot of fun events that you would expect at an event such as this like knot tying and hiking. Mixed in with these activities were mission based scenarios where a Scout had to imagine himself inside a daring situation. Working with his fellow Scouts, they would have to work together to figure out a solution to complete the mission.


It was an amazing weekend that was done very well! Another thanks goes out to the Antolins and the Scouts that helped assist with everything. The smiling faces and memories created are testimony to the fact of what Scouting does for us all.


If you have more photos from the weekend, send them to your District Executive so we can see more cool photos!