2nd Annual Los Amigos FUN-draiser: A Night To Remember

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The Boy Scouts of America have stood strong for over 100 years. The mission has always been to provide positive youth development and instill essential character traits. One particular individual has helped with that mission for 53 years. That man’s name is Joe Koch.


Joe first began his Scouting career as a Cub Scout in 1945 and continued his Scouting career ever since. He has held many positions such as Scout Master, Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner and many more. Joe has worked to serve the youth of Scouting and make a difference in the lives of many individuals. His deep contribution to Scouting was recognized this past weekend at the 2nd Los Amigos Annual Community FUN-draiser.  Over 70 guests including the Mayor of Fullerton were in attendance to see this phenomenal recognition.


“I have seen kids who have been in this program grow to be wonderful adults because it.” Assemblywoman Young Kim—also in attendance— gave some amazing words about the Scouting program and the impact it can have on a person’s life. The elements learned in the program are experiences that a child will take with them for life.


Towards the end of the event, Mr. Koch spoke briefly about where his passion lies: “The kids…it’s all about the kids. Their smiling faces and the experiences they get. It’s all about the kids.”  Hearing his story and the feeling of solidarity in the air, the audience then delivered a thunderous round of applause to Joe that could be heard all across the city of Fullerton. The audience also provided generous contributions to the Boy Scouts as well in honor of Joe and to help keep the Scouting movement alive and well.


When we all come together, great things can be achieved. Congratulations to the entire Los Amigos District of the Boy Scouts. Thanks to the Scouts from 1201, 1294, & 97 for your support as well. Finally, a special thanks again to Joe Koch as well. Your service is forever appreciated!


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