Scouts Honor Veteran’s Day

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The right to freedom in this country is a privilege. A privilege that has been provided to the people of this country from those who have put their lives on the line in defense of that freedom. In honor of those that have came before us, Scouts paid tribute in various ceremonies to the veterans of this country.



In the picture above, Scouts from Troop 1814 made their way out to a senior living facility in Brea. There the Scouts initiated the Veterans Day ceremony that involved citizens of that community, which included some individuals who had served in the past. The Scouts also proceeded to place pins onto the veterans and recognize them for their service to this country.Troop 871 followed suit as well by participating in a different ceremony in the city of La Habra.



A sincere congratulations goes out to these two units and others like them who recognized this day. The actions of yesterday are often soon forgotten by us as humans. However, one will never forget the emotions that one experienced from a specific event. The emotions and memories that the Scouts embark on and create amongst themselves and others are timeless. There will be stories to be told that will be passed down for years to come.


The Los Amigos District of the Boy Scouts of America sends it thanks to the countless veterans who helped to defend and make this country great.