“Love Fullerton” Service Op for Packs!

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Last year our District worked with the city of Fullerton to engage in a city wide conservation effort. We were able to help the city with saving thousand of gallons of water. In the same way that assisted with that, the Scouts should once again step forward and take a look at the opportunity in front of us.


The city of Fullerton is conducting its ” Love Fullerton” service event this year on April 30. Take a look at the aim of the project from  the website:


“What would happen if the entire community came together to help one another—City government, businesses, residents, the faith community, service groups, schools and sports organizations? Fullerton is adding its name to the growing list of cities who are part of the Unite for Cities Campaign. Find out how you can make a real difference in our community.”


If your Boy Scout Pack(Packs only because the Troops will beat Camporee) would like to be a part of this in some way, go ahead and click on the link at the bottom of this post and check it out. Why would you want to do this?

  1. Service is what we do!
  2. Perfect opportunity to show off your Pack!
  3. Network and show your love for your city!


If you know your Cub Scouts will be helping me out, please let District Executive Andre know about it. He would love to start building a list of all the Scouts who will be doing good things for our community. Let’s show the world why Scouting is the best thing out there! Here is the link to the site: