Selling Smartly at Smart and Final!

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Has your unit reached its Camp Card goal yet? If you have not then that is okay because we are just starting off with the sell for 2016. Lots of new units have checked out cards this year in an attempt to raise additional funds for their Scouts.Doing just that has never been easier than with the card that we have for this year.


Scouts are now able to sell at their local Smart & Final. This is a huge plus because we have a Smart and final coupon that comes with the Camp Cards. Talk about an easy sell!  In addition to the card that comes with a variety of different retailer discounts, the card also gets the customer entrance into the Scout O Rama fair in May. What could be simpler than a Scout saying:


“Hi! Would you like to help send me to camp and save yourself money as you start shopping here?”


Lots of units have checked out cards from the District and a lot more on the way. If you don’t care about selling than why not do it for the publicity? When people see Scouts in the public, they become curious and want to know how they can support or maybe even join. We are all looking to get more youth into our units. Let’s not miss this great opportunity to bring more kids into the program that is going to enhance our country and even the world.


If you would like more information about the campaign or just have general questions, please fill out the form below or email District Executive Andre at