A Camporee to Remember!

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“I hope that you remember this day. Each camporee is unique and special in its own way.”

Those were a few of the words spoken at the Los Amigos Camporee during the Campfire portion of the event. Preceding that was a day filled with a variety of engaging activities for the youth and adults. Everyone took park in the various events such as archery, the two mile hike, and first aid station. New this year was the ability for the youth to participate in the canoe races that were put on. We had a lot of feedback of people saying that this event was one of the more popular events. In addition to that, the Scouts were able to engage in service projects during Camporee in order to help preserve the location.


Camporee for 2016 was held at Oso Lake, the local Orange County Council property. It was great for the District to be at a new location that people weren’t already used to. The entire event was a success from the arrival of the Troops on site, to the commencement of the events, and finally ending with a reflective Campfire Program and awards.


Plenty of thanks must be given to Brian Montes, the volunteer who coordinated the event. With the help of him and his team of adult volunteers who helped run the events, Camporee was an amazing experience. Making an event like this requires a good portion of time to bring to fruition. However, when you are passionate about the program and your community you find a way.


Everyone leads a busy life. Every household is different with different challenges. The ones who still persevere and fight to make contributions to Scouting and their community are the ones who will keep Scouting growing and thriving in an ever changing world. Once again thanks to all those who helped with Camporee and we look forward to seeing an even greater turn out next year!