Korea Daily Article on “Scouting”

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   BSA Korea Daily News, May 15, 2016


Recently, Mr. Tae Chun, a volunteer for Korean Community Outreach from the Los Amigos District – Orange County Council – Boy Scouts of America, visited the Korea Daily News accompanied by the Los Amigos District Key 3 to promote the Boy Scout program and bring attention to the Korean community.


At the interview, Mr. Andre Fahie, District Executive, explained general scouting program information and 100 years of BSA history.  He said that if you are interested in joining the Boy Scout program, please visit the BSA website at www.ocbsa.org.


Mr. Ron Cassell, District Chairman, said that the Korean community is a very important part of the district, and he expects the community youth and their parents to participate in the scout program, as well as emphasizing that the entire Korean community needs to support the Boy Scout program.  He also introduced famous Eagle Scouts in America history.


Mr. Mark Guttenplan, District Commissioner, has two sons who both earned the Eagle Scout rank at Troop 93 in Fullerton.  He explained the Boy Scout mission statement: The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the value of the Scout Oath and law.  He also explained about the Scout Oath and Law.  He added that a Tufts University Study finds Boy Scouts builds positive character.


Mr. Tae Chun, who was a Boy Scout during his youth in South Korea, joined the scout program in 2002 with his son who earned the Eagle Scout rank at Troop 93 in Fullerton. Tae has been serving as a volunteer for Community Outreach and is an Assistant District Commissioner as the Korean Community Interface with the Los Amigos District.


Tae said that the Boy Scout program is still the best program for youth activities. Through the activities, Boy Scouts has numerous opportunities to build youth leadership and achieve many skills for their future and rest of their lives.  Lastly, he announced a Scout-O-Rama event, which is an annual trade show for scouts and their families to participate in and enjoy.  It consisted of a full day of exhibits, competition, and displays at Oak Canyon Park on May 7th, 2016.