Your Donation of Blood Could Save A Life…

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Characterized as the “greatest mass shooting in our country”, the tragedy that unfolded in Orlando is devastating. The unnecessary loss of human lives through violent acts of terror have no place in society. That is not the way our civilization functions. Nothing but our deepest condolences goes out to each of the family members and communities affected by this.


In scenarios like this it is important to try to do all that we can do to support. When tragedy strikes, it is our duty to do all that we can to engage in actions that seek to either uplift or impact the situation. A previously scheduled Red Cross  blood donation day here at the Orange County Council event is in effect. The Red Cross and other similar organizations are looking to the community for people to donate.


The blood that we donate now can potentially go to support this tragedy or serve as a future resource for a time of need in our society. Why wait until it is too late before we act? Act now and donate blood tomorrow.


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